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Do you like to opt for an eco friendly lifestyle? Why not start the greener move right from your home by choosing bamboo flooring in Melbourne? Being one of the hardest natural materials, bamboofloors offer a range of remarkable benefits that will add value and appeal to your interiors. If you are looking for an excellent alternative to the traditional wood flooring products, bamboo is again the right choice.

Though it is a grass, it has a strength rating higher than maple and red oak. Significantly fast growth rate of bamboo make it a superior choice over other hardwood flooring options. Affective Timber Flooring takes pride in delivering the best quality bamboo flooring services at the lowest possible prices.

With years of experience and expertise in this industry, we always strive to exceed the expectations of our clients. No matter whether it is for your home or office, Affective Timber Flooring has got it all covered. Equipped with the latest technologies and tools, we carry out installation and sanding of bamboo floors to utmost perfection.

Water and moisture resistant properties of bamboo floors make it different from floating timber floors and other wood floors. Available in a variety of designs and patterns, this flooring style lend a sophisticated elegance to any space. If it is a stunning and robust flooring style you are after, you can’t go pass bamboo flooring.

Best Bamboo Flooring in Geelong

The higher fibre rating of bamboo makes it exceptional sturdy and durable which means the money you spend will be worth it. No need to bother about the occurrence of any dents or scratch as this grass floors are resilient enough to withstand the toughest conditions and harshest external factors. Installing bamboo floors can give your indoors a character and warmth.

Not just the natural and richly stained floors, but Affective Timber Flooring also offers you an assortment of board styles to choose from. Right from the consultation to the completion and beyond, we always pay heed to the customer needs and requirements.

Ours is a team of highly skilled and experienced professionals who are committed to providing you with the top notch services within the stipulated time and budget. Affective Timber Flooring is not only known for the bamboo or laminate flooring, but also for polished concrete floors or vinyl flooring in Geelong.

Let us help you make your home or office indoors look appealing. Contact us on 0410 171 088 or to get a free quote.


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